Friday, September 24, 2010

First Autumn Harvest

It is past the Autumn Equinox so it is now officially Fall. We did have some nice sunny afternoons earlier this week. Then rain. Today is overcast.

From the garden by the house:
1. A few Japanese Indigo stalks that look like they're getting ready to bloom, put in a jar of water so I can bring them inside if it gets too cold. They should root and bloom and then I can collect seeds.

2. Mars Marigold (T. patula). Four blossoms only. Only one of these plants survived the slugs. Put in freezer.

3. Coreopsis grandiflora (the perennial type I hope). Added a handful of blossoms to the bag in freezer.

From the farm:
1. Tururu Marigold (T. erecta). Added a large handful of blossoms to jar soaking in alcohol and water. I didn't even buy these seeds until June and it took them awhile to get going. Now they are two feet tall and the flowers are big and bushy.

2. Pink Dahlia flowers. All dahlias make a variety of yellow and golden yellow. Added several large blossoms to bag in freezer.

3. Several Japanese Indigo stalks. Some with the rounded leaves and some with the pointed leaves. Put these into the jar with the ones from the garden.

4. Hawthorn twigs and leaves (and a few berries). Put these to soak in water in a rectangular slow-cooker that is about 8"x12".

5. Weld leaves. Into freezer.

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  1. Your reminding me that I need to get in the garden tomorrow and see whats left to harvest. I haven't don't any canning this year except some Sweet & Sour Sauce. Where are all the tomatoes? Good luck with your colors, sounds like a fun and lovely process. I always have enjoyed the process, more than the end product.