Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Vat

Bronze Fennel, Dyer's Chamomile tops with flowers, Echinacea flowers & leaves, Echibeckia flowers.

Almost Finished Weaving

Sunday, July 17, 2016

First Warping on a Rigid Heddle

I borrowed a Harrisville Designs Easy Weaver loom to see if I should save up for a bigger rigid heddle loom. This is the 15" style. I'm using stash yarn: Cascade venezia (dark green), Elan wool/silk (pumpkin), hand spun from Nepal spring green), and thrift store alpaca dyed with Japanese indigo and dyer's chamomile (soft green).

Finally Buttons!

I've been wearing this cardigan for two years with no buttons. I bought some but guess I didn't really like them enough and I never put them on. Yesterday at the Tolt Yarn and Wool Makers Market I found a large one-of-a-kind, wooden button that I love! Handmade from Garry Oak by a local; I sewed it on last night. Then used some coordinating metal ones I didn't have enough of for the whole sweater.